Post-Training Assessment

Please complete the following assessment.

8. Head pressure is controlled by which type of sensor?
9. For a fixed speed compressor on first circuit, what is installed?
10. The Vector controller is used by what unit only?
15. If the first stage burner trips alarm, does the 2nd or 3rd stage come on if called for?
19. For the dewpoint temperature is it:
20. Will the unit operate if the discharge air temperature sensor is not installed?
21. What is the warranty period for our OAT/RH sensor?
22. Which unit only uses a duct temp/RH sensor?
25. If alarm contacts on the supply fan VFD trip, an ESTOP alarm will appear.
26. Ventilation mode allows cooling to operate.
27. Economizer mode allows cooling to operate.
28. For the HGRH board, should two black wires be in the same input?
29. What is the occupied offset for v8.0?
31. What PSI does the condenser fans control to during cooling mode?
32. The high limit on the indirect fired burner is manual reset.
33. The pressure transducer shipped with the unit can be used for space control.
34. What should the trip delay on the monitor be set to?
35. What should the phase balance be set to on the phase monitor?
36. The minimum hz on the VFD can be adjusted in the field by the air balancer without KCC consent
37. All units built since July 2020 are equipped with the suction pressure transducers.
38. A high temperature lockout is an auto reset alarm.
39. Which terminals on the OAUTS does the discharge air temperature sensor land on?
40. Tracer TU is needed for start up?

Thank you!